Sunday 6 June 2010

Portfolio progress

Well, my new portfolio is taking shape finally (it's only taken me a year or so to get going on it, you can't rush these things!)

It's a PV3D-powered extravaganza, or at least it will be when I start going nuts with it. Currently it looks like this, early days yet though:

The full version can be viewed here, but it might behave strangely if I'm still screwing with it, so don't judge the quality of it just yet!

Anyway, the 3D panels are looking good, the next stage is to get some information popping over the top of each panel when the mouse rolls over. The idea is to have two coloured panels floating just in front of the one you've rolled over, so you'll be able to see the project title and the category of work (I'm going to be including none-project work on here too, stuff like any experiments or cool stuff I've been screwing with).

When you click a panel, the rest will drop/animate off the screen, and some additional images and text will pop up. I think I'll tone down the rotation on the whole thing so I can have the text in 3D space, so it stays readable.

There'll also be Twitter and blog representations on the site too, which will hopefully pull in live feeds and do something snappy with them visually (while of course linking to the actual pages in case people don't want to be forced to read stuff on my site).

 Anyway, that's where I'm at. All I need now is some time to work on the damn thing! :D

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