Sunday 31 October 2010

Down, Left, Right of the Living Dead!

Here's my entry for this month's Experimental Gameplay Project contest, "Boys and Girls". I decided that making a game specifically for girls or boys would be a bit rubbish (I don't really agree with dividing gamers down the middle like that), so I went for a mashup of two opposing game types instead.

What I came up with was a Dance Dance Revolution clone, that spawns zombies as you dance. A girl game, for boys:

Anyway, it's very rough around the edges, but the total build time was about eight hours so I think I did OK. It completely sucks as a game, but it was a ton of fun to make (and I learned a whole lot, and that's what it's about, right?)

Click here to play: Down, Left, Right of the Living Dead!

(Oh, and: a massive thanks to OELAV for hooking me up with the awesome 8-bit tune, and to Donna who made this awesome little thing out of beads that I turned into a screen zombie)


  1. uuuhm. how do you start the game? =D there's nothing happening besides the music playing...

  2. Hey, sorry, I updated my site and didn't update the links here. It's playable now. :)