Wednesday 25 November 2015

Live visuals image dump

As detailed in my last post, I've been capturing my live visuals sessions and creating print pieces from them:

Sharing is caring, and I promised I'd upload every single image I captured. It took a while, but I've uploaded the complete set of Manchester and Sheffield Algorave captures to Flickr at full resolution. I used their basic but quite handy Uploadr tool, which you can just point at a directory and leave running, which is useful. The only drawback I found was that it sets everything private by default, so afterwards you have to batch the permissions, but apart from that it was painless (albeit a bit slow).

I also have the complete set as a compressed archive if anyone really wants the whole lot, let me know.

These images are distributed under the Do What The Fuck You Want license, and I invite you to take them and do whatever the fuck you want with them, as per the complete terms in the license:


The total image set is comprised of 5,665 images split into logical sets, making a total of just over 10.5GB of data. This is after trimming out any black images that got caught up between sets etc, and the Flickr uploader also removed anything it deemed to be duplicated, so each image should be wholly unique.

Here's some links to the individual sets:

And of course the finished prints are still up for sale if you feel like supporting your friendly neighbourhood printmaker.

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