Friday 18 September 2020

Open Studio


I've decided to begin running a small number of 'open studio' sessions each week. This is partly in response to the sheer number of queries and questions I get about all manner of your creative endeavours, and also to fill some of my schedule gaps with something that will hopefully help people out. 

Given the current global pandemic, these sessions will of course be held virtually via Zoom, or if text is more your jam I can of course do that too. 

I've earmarked a few 30 minute slots per week, open to absolutely anyone for almost anything: individuals, groups, projects, whatever. Based on the kinds of things I get asked a lot, these sessions can help with:

  • Specific code/technical help, advice, training
  • Games/screen/IF/whatever writing, fresh eyes, critique
  • Creative help, project assistance, production & process advice
  • Social media help and approaches
  • Fundraising/funding help*
  • General freelancing and self employment nuts and bolts* 
* this is most definitely in the category of a broad natter based on being at the mucky end of creative sector self employment for a long while, for actual concrete advice please speak to a professional obviously

These sessions operate entirely on a pay-what-you-want/can model, no questions asked. This absolutely includes £0.00 if you're not in a position to pay but feel these sessions will benefit you or your practice directly, particularly at the moment.

To grab a slot, drop me a quick message at with a couple of sentences about what you'd like to go over, and let's see if I can help. Hit me up.

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