Tuesday 23 July 2019

Selected writing

This post contains a short sample of my written content in one place. 


Love, loss, and virtual memorials.
Observer, January 2020

What I thought: Thank You Very Much
BBC Live, July 2019

Online hate threatens us all. Platforms can and must do more to eradicate it.
The Guardian - March 2019

Dreams becomes reality: the game that can make an artist out of anyone.
The Guardian, May 2019

Show, Don't Tell
FutureEverything, Feb 2019

More games should be truly honest about death.
Rock, Paper, Shotgun - December 2018

Tetris Effect(ed me!)
Personal, November 2018

We're speaking to the wrong people about extremism (transcript).
TEDxMCR, February 2018

Seize every moment.
Huffington Post, December 2017

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